Meet the Team

Meet the team who is giving their all to aid other creatures that we share our planet with and give a voice to those that have none.

Aqua Goats

Patrick Aberin
Project Manager

Patrick started off as an early investor into the AquaGoat project and from there, has moved up to be the Co-Project Manager where he is responsible for the general development of the project. 

Patrick's vision of "Earning investors passive income while funding ocean cleaning and conservation initiatives" is well on it's way with the projects that AquaGoat has already been apart of

James Jamison
Project Manager

James is a Cyber Security Analyst with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Networks and Cyber Security. He has expertise in risk management, unauthorized access viruses, along with a wide range of vulnerabilities and cyber threats. He is versed in direct and remote analysis with strong analytical thinking, team communications and people skills. He is able to thrive in fast-paced and challenging environments due to serving 12 years in the United States Army as a section leader. As a result, it was no surprise that he is a great fit for the Aquagoat team in a field where security is paramount.

Jhunehl Fortaleza
Project Manager

Jhunehl is an enthusiastic and passionate educator and advocate. She has over 10 years of experience in the field of education and has worked with major companies and organizations to train and teach both children and adults.

From a young age, Jhunehl has focused much of her efforts into giving back to the community and spreading awareness about societal and environmental issues, both at the local and global level. Before becoming an educator and adjunct professor, she worked in broadcast and print media with various news outlets as well as world-renowned environmental advocacy organizations. So far, Jhunehl has been instrumental in organizing AquaGoat's partnerships, charities, in-person events, and community clean-ups.

Mariel Operana

With extensive experience in business relations, Mariel has unique interpersonal skills that have followed her into her role in Marketing with AquaGoat. Mariel has strong beliefs that the ocean is a vital part of the world’s ecosystems. She believes that in order to keep all waterways clean and protect the wildlife within them, we need to educate and interact with the world; so that younger generations can enjoy and maintain the beautiful oceans as we know it.

Eddie Banyaliev
Marketing Lead

Eddie works in the Marketing Department for AquaGoat. he has his CEH ( Certified Ethical Hacker) and has extensive experience in Wordpress, SEO, Marketing and business development, and public relationships. His previous work experience includes work for Bonhams, Galliard Homes and is the CEO and a founder of Travelogica.

Social Media Lead / Graphics
Graphic Designer

David is a graphic designer, from his bachelor's degree, he has a passion and interest in finding new things and creativity in products. He is the man behind the AquaGoat design photos on social media and other major campaigns. In the recent big campaign, he is always looking for ways to highlight the brand. He is knowledgeable and always actively listens to and understands the team to be able to produce the best finished product. The person who has always put his trust in AquaGoat and will always bring the best possible designs to people and investors.


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Do you have a passion for watching fishes swimming amongst healthy coral? Is your favorite shark the Great White? Do you have get sad when you see an animal dying cause of pollution? Do you have a skill that can help the team?

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Helen Keller