AquaGoat Migration Information

The Big Announcement! Aquagoat is unleashing its full potential with a new and improved Version 2 Contract

AquaGoat Migration

How to Migrate your Tokens

Greetings Goats,

If you did not know yet, AquaGoat will be migrating over to a new and improved V2 contract with attractive features that will provide long term benefit for our project;

  • Lower Supply; We will reduce initial supply from 100 Quadrillion to 1 Quadrillion
  • Better Tokenomics; 5% liquidity and 4% for holders on every transaction
  • Hard-coded Charity Tax; 1% of every transaction is sent to our charity wallet for charitable use and partnership funding
  • Exchange Tokenomics; It is now fair for all holders, whether holding in a wallet or a Tokenomics Supporting exchange, to receive reflections
  • Contract Ownership; This allows us to utilize contract functions for community benefit, such as whitelisting exchange hot wallets to support tokenomics.
  • SafeMoon Integration; As we are supported in the integration into the SafeMoon Wallet, we want to prepare for our exposure to their large investor base with a familiar but still unique token.
  • A Fresh Start; An attractive new chart without the past of V1 price action. This gives us a fresh start and makes us more attractive to new investors, especially those we will be meeting at the upcoming Oceans Conference and other events we will be attending.

Due to our renounced contract ownership and lack of access to liquidity with Version 1, we can not do a typical migration of freezing transactions, taking a snapshot, sending an equivalent amount of tokens, and pulling liquidity from the V1 contract to start liquidity on the V2 contract.

This is why we are currently running a unique token migration programme as a substitute. We ask that the community send in their tokens to our wallet address below to take part in the migration. Participants in this token migration will receive the dollar value of their tokens at time of sending plus 10 percent as an added reward. The tokens sent will be used to help fund our future liquidity.

Wallet address to send to:

We have already begun a security audit of the new token to highlight and change any errors, and have contacted our partners and exchanges to support us in our move to the new contract. We are also going through the process of integrating our new token into our upcoming Swap platform, and things appear to remain on schedule.

We hope to take all of our loyal Goats with us as we make the move to the next stage of a new and improved AquaGoat.



The big news you have all been waiting for is now here, the team has listened to our valuable community and will be moving the Aquagoat contract to V2 this week, plus we are launching a VERY limited time launch rewards programme. 

How to join the Token Migration Programme

10% launch rewards on offer for our loyal community, this week only! Find out more below!

Here’s what will be changing and how to get your launch reward as we now finally unleash Aquagoat to achieve its full potential.

Why V2?

Improved Tokenomics!

We are moving from 2% to 4% reflections to give our loyal holders more rewards, plus adding a hard-coded 1% fee for charity so we can continue our mission to save our oceans. We have also increased the liquidity protocol to 5% for better asset value protection and locked value. Each transaction will have the following tokenomics:

4% reflections to our holders

5% to liquidity

1% to charity

Support for Exchange Tokenomics

With ownership of the contract, we will be able to whitelist any exchange hot wallets to support On-Exchange Tokenomics. It will finally be fair for all holders, whether you hold in a crypto wallet or on an exchange.

Huge Decrease in Supply!

We are minting just 1 quadrillion tokens instead of the current 100 quadrillion to get us nearer to no zeros 😉

Large Manual Token Burns!

Our plans for AquaGoatSwap are unchanged and with our decreased supply we will see huge burns through our buyback protocol, just as our community has been asking for. With our Charity wallet also receiving tokens over time, if we feel there are many tokens, then we will use these for BURNS.

Safemoon Wallet Partners

The AquaGoat team has been working closely with the SafeMoon team on this migration.  When SafeMoon launches their wallet, it will be the new contract that will be supported. Our new contract will also allow to us to properly integrate into the SafeMoonblockchain, as well As Polygon, Ethereum, or any other that the community is interested in.

Ocean Conference

Launching V2 now means we can go to the Ocean Conference as a much more credible and flexible partner. We are aiming for big partners and large investments into AquaGoat and can attract them with our new and attractive tokenomics and charity/organizational support.


How do I get my 10% launch reward?

How to join the Token Migration Programme

Transfer tokens to the wallet address below to help with liquidity and we will give you an extra 10% on top.  Simply send your tokens to the marketing wallet and we will airdrop you the equivalent amount of dollar value you put in, plus the 10% based on the launch price when we fairlaunch V2.  This means you will get in at the GROUND FLOOR PRICE for AquaGoat! No need to fight and buy your way through the launch hype.

The transactions will be logged onto the BSCScan by each holder’s wallet. We will be able to keep track of each wallet address and how much you send. These tokens will be liquidated to help us fund initial liquidity and marketing. As we extract the BNB value out of each token, we will keep track of the BNB value of each wallet holder and airdrop the BNB value + 10% of that amount of those tokens at the launch price.

Wallet Address to send your tokens to:


Please only send AquaGoat tokens. Any BNB sent will be returned. Please send to the Marketing Wallet by September 11 Saturday 12am UST/September 9 Friday 8pm EST.

Otherwise, you can participate in the fair launch (You won’t receive your 10% this way though) when we go LIVE on Pancake swap later this week.  You can either liquidate the current tokens and join the new contract at launch or get your 10% rewards by sending to the marketing wallet.

The airdrop will be quick and out of the way before the token launch.  You will see your tokens at launch.

Will there be an audit of this new contract before launch?

Yes, we currently have one underway this week and then we will be working on two others. The security of our holders is our number one priority.  We will have the first audit completed and available before we launch V2

What about the swap?

The swap is ready to go later this week and will include integration for the V2 token!  There will be no change to schedule. Phase 2 is ready to go the week after.

What about tokens in the exchanges right now?

To participate in our token programme, you will need to send your tokens from the exchange to a crypto wallet, and then send those tokens out to our marketing wallet to swap your V1 tokens with V2 and get the added 10%. Otherwise, you can participate in the token launch of the V2 contract on Saturday through PancakeSwap. Current exchange integration for the new contract may take some time. FEGEx will support V2, as well as a few exchanges that we have lined up for the coming weeks that will support V2.  For current exchanges, we are contacting them all right now regarding Version 2 support.

PR and Marketing

Lots of activity planned to support the launch, poocoin ads, support from our partners, store and website revamp.

Why are we moving the contract?

Quite simply to unleash our token and make it more attractive to investors and partners.  

Everything that has been holding us back, is now turbo powered and we have full control! This means support for Tokenomics on exchanges, cross-chain compatibility to allow SafeMoon integration and other blockchains, streamlined donations and project development funding. This is a necessary migration for the long-term future of AquaGoat.

Imagine what the team can now do with an unlocked contract that we can now fully control.

What will happen to the tokens and liquidity and the old AquaGoat contract?

The old tokens will still continue to exist, with the existing liquidity locked and will be tradeable on PancakeSwap, but we will be moving forward with the Version 2 contract for all future developments.We are about to be liberated from everything that was holding us back.

Welcome to our future. This is Aquagoat, unleashed.