Why Oceans

AquaGoat recognizes the harmful effects of manmade processes on our world’s oceans, and aims to reduce, mitigate, and reverse these effects.

From climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions, to pollution due to plastics consumption, we have experienced rising ocean levels, reduced marine biodiversity, and troubled aquatic ecosystems. 

This is why AquaGoat holds regular community votes on charitable beneficiaries, choosing organizations whose mission and beliefs align with the vision of AquaGoat.

Charities & Partners

The community started their journey for a bluer ocean with The Ocean Cleanup, who research advanced technologies for ocean plastic clean up.

Our second beneficiary was Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who partner with governments worldwide to detect and capture illegal fishing enterprises.

Our most recent community-voted beneficiary is the Blue Marine Foundation, whose work revolves around securing marine-protected areas, promoting sustainable fishing practices, and restoring marine habitats.

AquaGoat works to continually expand our network of beneficiaries and partners, aligning ourselves with organizations who share our ideals and values for cleaner waters and a bluer ocean.

Our Beneficiaries

*As part of The Ocean Clean Up’s guidelines, we are not able to list their logo in our beneficiaries list. Please visit The Ocean Cleanup to learn more.

Donation Acknowledgements