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A Sustainable Community Driven Project To Protect Our Oceans

AquaGoat is a yield-generating social cryptocurrency. Members of the AquaGoat ecosystem earn interest from network activity, all while benefitting the planet through our charitable partnerships.


Contract Address : 0x1606940bB5Cd6de59A7E25367F4fB8965f38F122


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Our Mission


About Us

Aqua goat is a next-generation ecological Defi token with a purpose: saving our oceans.

A portion of every transaction is sent to the AquaGoat “Ocean Blue Fund”, which is used to fund ocean clean up and marine conservation initiatives.

Our Values

  • Together We Go Far – Putting our community members first
  • Make The World A Better Place – Support clean beaches and a healthy ocean.
  • Full Transparency – Open and honest about our plans and operations

Lite Paper

Read up on the background of AquaGoat and an explanation of our basic Tokenomics.


Original Supply

Initial supply of 1 Quadrillion tokens minted at launch; a lower supply compared to V1 for a higher value per token.

Static Farming

Automatically earn 4% in reflections of every transaction simply by holding Aquagoat in your wallet


1% of every transaction goes to our Ocean Blue Fund to be used in funding ocean-related efforts and conservation initiatives.

Locked Liquidity

5% of all transactions goes to locked liquidity ever increasing the price floor.


AquaGoat Token and 10% Tax Allocation
  • Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply 550,000,000,000,000
  • Initial Burn450,000,000,000,000

10% Fee Breakdown

  • Liquidity5% locked in liquidity
  • Burn1.8% sent to burn wallet
  • Redistribution2.2% redistributed to all holders
  • Charity1.0% sent directly to our charity wallet


As of 9/20/2021
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Our Mission


AquaGoat Trail

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Phase 5

AquaGoat Trail #1

✔️ Create Admin Team

✔️ Complete Website

✔️ Create Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, Subreddit

✔️ Prepare for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings

✔️ Hold community poll for charity of choice, done biweekly (First beneficiary: The Ocean Cleanup)

✔️ Develop and publish the AquaGoat AquaTrail (roadmap)

✔️ Lite Paper

✔️ Begin NFT exploration


AquaGoat Trail #2

✔️ Website Version 2.0 - New UI, Lite Paper, Roadmap

✔️ Doxx team members to build project transparency and trust

✔️ Active marketing to sustain community growth and value appreciation

✔️ Expand Admin team to accommodate next phase of growth

✔️ List with relevant cryptocurrency sites: CoinMarketCap, LiveCoinWatch, StockTwits, Delta

✔️ Research and development of proprietary DEX/Swap/Farm platform

✔️ List on a Centralized Exchange: Listed with 9 exchanges and counting.

✔️ Obtain CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings


AquaGoat Trail #3

✔️ NFT Exchange integration - Buy, sell, and trade NFTs using AquaGoat through AOTOY.

✔️ Launch AquaGoat Educational series, teaching investors about AquaGoat, token safety checks, general cryptocurrency understanding, etc.

✔️ Research and development of AquaGoatTrack interest-tracking app 

🔘 Launch merchandising with AquaGoat e-commerce integration for material purchases, with all proceeds routed to our respective donation and marketing wallets.

🔘 Continually expand charity partnership network through community-led polls and outreach efforts

🔘 Promote store-of-value and method-of-donation use case with partnered charity organizations.

🔘 Research and development of NFT creation and NFT exchange architecture

🔘 Research and development of AquaGoat mobile/dApp video game

AquaGoat Trail #4

🔘 Establish the AquaGoat Ecological Foundation, a standalone ecological conservation organization

🔘 Establish physical AquaGoat office locations to facilitate ecological operations

🔘 Continue to expand charity partnership network through regular outreach and collaboration

🔘 Open the AquaGoat Scholarship Program, supporting youth with a passion for saving the ocean in continuing on with higher education

🔘 Host worldwide community clean up events and other charity-related functions

AquaGoat Trail #5

🔘 Stay Tuned... More to come!

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Our Beneficiaries

*As part of The Ocean Clean Up’s guidelines, we are not able to list their logo in our beneficiaries list. Please visit The Ocean Cleanup to learn more.

**We are awaiting a signed agreement with Haribon for the rights to use their logo. Please visit Haribon for more details.

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